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Despite its name, Green Rug Clean in Dallas provides a solution to a variety of the indoor cleaning needs for our local community. We offer convenient mobile services, at a reasonable price. We know that just like ideally, you wouldn’t want to have to drive to multiple grocery stores to get everything on your shopping list, you wouldn’t want to have to use multiple services for indoor cleaning.

Residential Upholster Cleaning Dallas

Green Rug clean handles any type of upholstery you may have in your home. Some upholstery require special handling and care while being cleaned. Here at Green Rug Clean we have a technicians especially dedicated to gently handling the cleaning of upholstery. You can have peace of mind while using our services because you are sure to know that your upholstery will not be damaged and will look better than new upon completion of the cleaning service.

Residential Upholstery Cleaning Dallas

A gift for you and your loved ones

There is a reason why some people compare cleanliness with a higher being. Having a clean house or workplace is proven to be healthy for the mind. Cleanliness naturally puts your mind in a state of ease, this will make you more productive as well as happier in the long run. Our commitment to the Dallas community is exactly why we offer these services.


  • Trapping Dust Particles
  • Reducing Indoor Air pollution
  • Allergy and Asthma relief
  • Increased quality of life

Listed in the bullet points above are just a few reasons why indoor carpet cleaning is an increasingly popular product in America. There is no doubt that one day, not using an indoor Upholstery and rug cleaning service will be a part of every day life, much in the same way that basic hygiene rules are today. Think about it, it wasn’t too long ago when people didn’t shower regularly, or wash their hands before eating. Bad hygiene practices such as those contributed to terrible epidemics such as the black plague.

Indoor Furniture Cleaning Dallas

Indoor Cleaning Service Professionals

Just as people have regular checkups to the doctor, and regular checkups to the dentist to ensure proper oral hygiene, so too should you treat your house in the same respects. After all, you live in your home and if it is neglected it will only come back to be more costly in the future. Just as with any issue in your life, the longer you put something off, the harder it will be to deal with in the future. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate any longer, pick up the phone and call Green Rug Clean today! .

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