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There are many reasons why our clients would rather choose a rug repair service over purchasing a new one. One of these reasons may be that their rug has been passed down within their family for generations and holds sentimental value. Another reason could be that they wish to save the time, money, and hassle, that it would take to purchase a new rug. Using a mobile rug repair service, such as our own, is much more convenient and cost effective than having to purchase a new rug at the store.

Dallas Rug Repair

Green Rug Clean has an elite team dedicated to rug repair. We serve the Dallas, Texas homeowners community, as well as many professional rug dealer services throughout the United States. Our team handles every rug with care, whether it is hand made or machine made. The first thing our team does before repairing or cleaning any rug is to categorize it. We categorize each unique rug by its own style, origin, condition, age and dye.

Professional Rug Repair Dallas

We offer a Variety of Rug Repair Services

In today’s day and age many products are made cheaply so that they can be thrown away and replaced. However, consumers are starting to realize that this is not only more costly to their wallets in the long run, but also to the environment. The fiscally and environmentally responsible solution is always to fix and reuse rather than throw away and purchase a new one. Seeing as we are dedicated to providing Green Rug cleaning solutions, Green Rug Clean in Dallas offers exceptional rug repair services.

  • Complimentary consultation and appraisal
  • Specialty Repair & restoration
  • Antique Rug Revitilization
  • Tapestry Restoration
  • Tapestry restoration
  • Patching holes and rug hole restoration
  • Color and design revitalization
  • Carpet Binding Repair Services
  • Spot and Stain Treatments
  • Rug Mildew solutions
  • Rug Fringe/edges restoration
  • Fringe removal and addition services
  • Custom Fitted Padding for Rugs
  • Rug Corner Restoration
  • Rug Reweaving Services
  • slit and rip rug repair
  • Color Bleeding Restoration
  • Rug Water Damage Restoration

Whatever damage may have been done to your rug or carpet, you can be sure that Green Rug Clean can handle it. Our technicians have years of experience fixing any type of rug that has accrued any kind of damage over time. So whether your dog has chewed up the sides of your carpet, or if your cat has scratched the fibers, you can be sure that our technicians will offer the solution you need. We can handle any kind of rug, to more traditional Persian rugs, to a more modern textile rug that you may have purchased just moments ago. Don’t let your rug go to waste, call Green Rug Clean and let us fix it for you.

Rug Repair Types

Kinds of textiles and colors

Different rugs are made of different textiles and have different color textiles as well. Different rugs may also have different stitching patterns. With the variety in stitching patterns, colors, and textile types, different rugs may have very different protocols to repairing them. That is why it may be very useful to call a rug repair expert if your rug has been damaged. If this is the case,
do not panic, call Green Rug Cleaning today. We have designated rug repair specialists with years of experience fixing rugs. They will come to your home, assess the situation, determine the stitching pattern, and tell you what the best course of action is.

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