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Our team is dedicated to providing services which facilitate success for our local community. Indoor air pollution is a growing problem in the united states. This issue is associated with many health risks which may even lead to costly medical bills. That is why we offer our natural rug cleaning services. Our rug cleaning services go a long way in making sure you and your loved ones live in a clean environment.


Dallas Rug Cleaning

Our friendly and professional technicians are highly skilled and have years of experience. They are also equipped with the most cutting edge and affordable solutions to your rug cleaning needs. Our technicians only use all natural, toxin-free cleaning products and techniques as part of our commitment to provide for the health of our community. Here at Green Rug Cleaning we strive to be the friendliest and most reliable rug cleaning service available while maintaining an affordable price.

Dallas Rug Cleaning Procedure

1.Pre-Treatment Determination Process

One of our main goals here at Green Rug Cleaning is to provide useful services which help our community succeed. We believe that the first step in providing successful and reliable services is by providing an assessment analysis. That is why we have developed our state of the art pre treatment rug cleaning procedure. Our inspection will involve looking for the following issues:

    • Determining: Rug Condition

Solution: Specialty Treatment

    • Determining: Wear and Tear

Solution: Structural Support

    • Determining: Rug Discoloration

Solution: Rug color restoration Treatment

    • Determining: Color Bleeding

Solution: Specialty Color Bleeding Treatment

    • Determining: Rug Stain

Solution: Rug Stain specialty solution application

First, we find what is wrong with the rug. After doing that we determine the best solution and will provide you with the necessary details, we will only begin if you have approved the work we are about to begin doing.

Rug Cleaning Procedure

2.Rug Dusting

This is the second step in our procedure after the pre-treatment investigation. The majority of rug cleaning can be attributed to removing dust. This is a vital step of any effective rug cleaning solution because dust may act as sandpaper which, if not properly treated, will lead your carpet to have a variety of other problems such as textile damage or even discoloration.

3.Rug Cleaning Treatment

WE will wash your rug with specialty shampoos which our technicians utilize. After the shampooing we rinse the rug. We do this to make sure that all of the cleaning detergents are properly removed from the rug.

4.Rug Wash Luster Treatment

Apply a special treatment to your rug. This will leave your rug looking shinier and its colors will be revitalized. It will also act as a special coating which will protect your rug, thereby ensuring its longevity.

5.Rug Cleaning Immersion Treatment

Then, we will soak your rug, this is a vital step in properly maintaining your rug. It is another steps which ensures dust removal as well as effective stain removal and odor treatment.

6.Specialty Rug Grooming

Just as people have their grooming tools for proper hygiene, so too does furniture. Our team will brush your rug with our specialty rug grooming tools. This will act to further maintain the structure of your rug while further removing small dirt particles from your rug.

7.Rug Drying Treatment

If you have ever been through a car wash machine, you will notice that the last step is to dry off the car. This is intuitive, just like people dry themselves off after taking a shower, so too do carpets need to be properly dried after a thorough cleaning. That is why our team takes care to properly dry your carpet in a climate controlled room especially designed for drying rugs after a proper treatment.

8.Final Inspection

Green Rug Clean believes that double checking your work is an essential step in providing excellent services. That is why we end each treatment with a final inspection of our work. If it is not up to our industry exceeding standards, we will re preform steps 1-8 until the final result meets our expectations. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when working with our team.

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