To have upholstered furniture is like adding a luxury at your home. The upholstered furniture is expensive but shows your style and give you the most relaxing and comforting feel every-time you sit on it. However, to maintain that feel and get good outlook from your expensive upholstered furniture, it is very important to keep the upholstery clean. Here we have 5 tips to keep the upholstery clean which can be followed to get maximum life for your furniture.

Covers: upholstered furniture is very easy to maintain if you could get some time to pay attention to its care. The first step which you need to work on for long life of your furniture upholstery is the covers which you can add to your upholstered chairs or sofas. You can use arm rests and slips to ensure that there is no friction which can cause damage to your furniture with regular usage and your upholstery should shine like new.

Vacuuming: there are some dust particles which you cannot see or clean with bare hands or using any cloth. Therefore, you must use a the vacuum cleaner on regular basis to clear out all the dust and dirt which has settled on your furniture. However, you should take care about any worn out area in your furniture to be sewn first to avoid any further damage with the use of vacuum cleaner.

Spills: the another major threat to your furniture are the spills. Probably every house would have faced some juice or wine spills on their furniture during some event or small family get together. But you must know how to handle those spills. First of all, you must always blot the area exposed with spill and do not rub the furniture. In case of strong stains, it is better to try calling a professional rather then using any tricks to clean the area.

Sunlight: sunlight can be equally good and bad for your furniture. Therefore, it is very important that your furniture must not get too much exposure to sunlight. However, keeping upholstered furniture in sunlight can be great option in summers to remove any odor but still direct sunlight for a long time could fade away the color of your furniture.

Maintenance: even if you try to keep a check on all the above tips but still there are certain things which require professional equipment and products. Therefore, you must make sure that you get a professional cleaning service every year to help you retain good condition of your furniture. The professional services would treat the areas of stains and upholstery very smartly bringing the newest shine to the furniture.